Hello, my name is Anya and I currently live in Moscow, now studying in British Higher School of Art &Design. My area of interests is printmaking, bookbinding, witty thinking and good graphic design. I am always open for collaboration, freelance, work and parties. Feel free to drop me a line here

what can you do with a scissors

We were asked to produce several things to promote an ordinary scissors. Here's some of them.

Icons for Future Cinema website. Represents homepage, mail, recieved post and video.

Endpaper layout for fiction book about robo-world.

life drawings and typography

Disaster film festival

Promotional posters for film festival. First can be used like a stencil while second contains a QR-code that directs to movies schedule.

Christmas card for Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement in more than 150 countries who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. We were asked to produce a Christmas communication against death penalty. It's a traditional Christmas card with unusual contain - some shocking facts about amount of past and future executions.

Artemy Lebedev Studio


Various works done at TNT television

clockwork orange pattern

made a nice pattern for http://repeatxrepeaty.com/ , there are a lot of amazing pieces done by people from all over the world!

Final Major Project

Brief - style for punk-music band

First way of thinking:

Final outcome:

2 logos

unisex cotton grey t-shirt with 2 prints

orange-coloured 7'' vinyl which shows dead tree with annual rings in form of circular saw

simple backside

simple CD with cover which illustrates internal structure of the earth

behind is a cosmic pattern with some planets in form of circular saw
60x60 poster with old-fashioned english clocks which also represents dead tree



If atheists have had their own symbol, it would be such

Another way of old fairy tales

book covers

Brief - you're asked to produce book covers for lectures in NY public library on theme of seven deadly sins.Choose any sin you want and make a unique design for three of them

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